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Don’t sweat it. Avalon Air & Heating can be there before your air conditioning repair turns into a crisis. When your AC unit is working properly, you pay it no mind. In fact, you may even find the noise it makes to be a tad annoying, especially if you’re watching television, or trying to put the kids to sleep.


However, when that same unit goes out, you’ll miss that dull hum that lets you know that cool air is just seconds away. That’s where our Avalon's repair experts come into the picture. All we provide is air conditioning repair residents can trust, not only from 9-5, but from 5-9 as well. And we aren’t just talking about the summer months either! You can be just as uncomfortable if you need Miami heating repair during the brief, but cold winter months!

omise that you’ll receive your installation or repair exactly when you asked for it.


Air Conditioning Installation


After years and years of helping to cool your family off during the hot an humid summer months, and keep you warm and fuzzy during the short weeks of winter, your  A/C system may suffer a breakdown. Avalon Air & heating will be sure you are able to reach your desired level of comfort, with new Air Conditioning Installation for your home or office.


We offer air conditioning Installation of various makes and models from all the most popular brands in the industry. If your old air conditioning unit is not performing up to par, particularly with the newer, more efficient updated models available, call us. Start conserving your money and energy now by allowing Avalon Air & Heating to supervise and advise your next air conditioning installation.






Why do I need AC coil cleaning services you may ask? Over time the AC condition usually picks up dirt which might make it less efficient. A dirty coil normally restricts the airflow from the compressor which weakens it. This means that the hot hair will have a hard time escaping. In essence, dirty coils usually cause reduced airflow which makes it hard for the air condition system to remove humidity and heat from the house.


When you do not clean the air conditioner coil, you might have to spend a lot of money either repairing or replacing the coil or the entire system depending on the extent of the damage. This is however something that can be avoided by giving us a call to clean the ac coils for you.


Air Duct Cleaning


There are not many other things that affect your indoor air quality more than proper duct maintenance. These passageways are essentially the lungs of your home. Keeping these clear of obstructions and harmful allergens is just as important as those inside the body. Avalon Air & Heating's repair technicians understand the various procedures required to keep your air ducts running efficiently.


When it comes to air duct cleaning, there is a lot of misinformation floating around. In fact, you may have grown so weary of the constant advertisements and news exposure that you’ve blocked it out of your mind completely. We understand that the unfortunate truth is that some people have attempted to take advantage of  customers. Our prime motive has always been to be as honest as possible with our customers. For this reason, we encourage you to contact us 24/7 if you have any air duct cleaning questions or comments.





We cater to Florida's Nature Coast! Whether you are in need of a quick fix, or in-depth installation. Avalon Air & Heating is the service company for you. We service ALL makes and models.


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